Levio’s proven approach to business transformation: A.R.T.TM

Developed by Levio, the A.R.T. approach focuses on individuals and uses their respective strengths to power the transformation process. It means acting decisively to implement change, readjusting continually throughout the process, and transforming individual mindsets by mobilizing key stakeholders to enable larger organizational change.


Act. Readjust. Transform.

The 3 key actions of the A.R.T. approach.

Why A.R.T. markus-spiske-jjtdL443L4w-unsplash.jpg

Why A.R.T.?

Because organizational transformation is a creative and collaborative task. It's a process whereby each contributor brings an element of value to build and transform the overall cultural image.

To support the cohesion of all of these parts, the A.R.T. approach weaves the 5A's into the transformation fabric:

Align: design and rally around a single vision

Adopt: mobilize the impacted groups and stakeholders towards the common goal

Analyze: experiment, evaluate, challenge and iterate

Adapt: develop new capacities (processes, structures, skills, etc.) within the organization and incrementally adapt

Achieve: measure expected benefits, upstream and downstream, celebrate wins, and improve on learnings


  • 150+ proven, practical and customizable tools developed by Levio Labs and our organizational transformation experts.

  • A.R.T is integrated with any Project Management process to ensure actionable deliverables.

  • Agile delivery focused on achieving quick, incremental successes and consistently adjusting to field realities.

  • Coaching-oriented service that aims for client autonomy and the development of internal expertise.

  • Tailored training and one-on-one coaching.

  • World-class certified experts (PMI, ACMP, PROSCI, Disciplined Agile, Ministry of Economy and Innovation of Quebec, etc.)

  • Industry leaders in IT and Digital, versatile teams with wide-ranging skillsets and deep domain/industry-specific experience.

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