Digital Transformation enables organizations to take advantage of emerging business practices that make digital pioneers successful.

It’s far more than technology.

Digital Transformation is, above all else, about implementing a digital business strategy capable of competing with digital pioneers. This strategy relies on cutting-edge technology for everyday operations, but the transformation has ramifications in all aspects of an organization — not just technology. To implement that strategy, Levio Digital Transformation advisors work closely with executives to define the vision and execution of the digital transformation. Based on the organization’s readiness, strategist design digital initiatives that aim to rebalance three major axes in the business strategy.

3 key areas to improve the business strategy

Less guessing, more data.

In the digital age, the amount of information available to make a decision is impossible to process by the biased human mind. The principle is to use artificial intelligence not to replace the human mind, but to augment its decision-making abilities in ways that are impossible without digital insights. Machine learning technology is readily available to support data-driven decision-making and thus help people develop more informed reasoning.

Less product management, more platforms.

Products are still at the heart of an organization. However, the way they are linked to one another is more important than before. For a successful digital strategy, products must be managed together, as platforms, increasing each other’s value. Consumers of the digital era are used to free and instantaneous products. Such a strategy allows an organization to offer its clients free products while still being profitable.

Less core dependability, more crowd responsibility.

Traditional corporate instinct is to rely on its core competencies when developing and managing its products. However, many digital pioneers owe their success to using competencies outside their direct organizational control. Airbnb does not rely on owning hotels, Uber does not depend on owning cars, or Linux does not hire programmers. They all depend on publicly sourced resources and competencies to achieve their business goals.


Master all digital concepts.

Through a 1-day executive workshop, align your team on all key digital concepts and understand how layered a transformation can be.


Launch Winning Initiatives.

Levio’s digital strategists assess your organization’s readiness for digital, identify key initiatives and start experimenting to reach the most successful outcomes and best ROI.


Gracefully Shift Company Culture.

Practice makes perfect. Levio’s digital transformation team leverages the best change management practices to ease your company culture into the digital age.

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