HELIX provides small insurance companies with the tools to compete against national carriers

Are you…

…writing less than $250M in direct premiums?

…competing against large carriers?

…using a mix of old systems and spreadsheets to manage your business?

Helix is an affordable fully managed all-in-one modern digital insurance software suite.

Unbreakable Bond For Regional & Niche Carriers

Success for any company is driven by its ability to generate revenue and decrease costs. In the Property and Casualty industry, with an ever-changing market place, new technology, external pressures and increasing customer expectations, managers are finding it harder to obtain bottom line profitability and reach objectives. Why?

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Aging legacy technology is preventing insurers from truly innovating and transforming their business. Yesterday’s systems and strategies aren't positioned to support products for tomorrow’s personal/commercial lines, markets, channels and customers.


Customers are churning through the commodity insurance market and insurers are struggling to retain existing customers and obtain new ones. These dynamics are putting further pressure on earnings and are driving insurers to find more effective methods to deliver accurate pricing based on exposure and reduce the cost of service delivery.


Large national and global insurers are massively investing in modern digital technology while small, nimble pure play digital newcomers disrupt the industry. Regional and niche carriers need affordable new tools and processes that will allow them to win in this emerging digital marketplace.


Customers are looking for more value-added services in addition to traditional protection. Connected consumers are pushing for choice by demanding to do business when they want, on the device of their choice, on their terms.


Decaying legacy systems and aging infrastructure frustrate insurers by lengthening time-to-market for new products and driving up IT and administrative costs. In addition to the challenge of curing today’s legacy hangover, insurers face future obsolescence even from brand-new systems that don’t provide long-term sustainability.


Large projects require both significant financial and human capital investment and historically have taken long periods of time to implement and sizable IT teams to support and run - a challenging hurdle to face with tight funding and high urgency.


INTRODUCING HELIX Unbreakable Bond by EIS Group & Levio

Specifically designed for Regional and Niche carriers

Start at the Core. Embed digital into everything you do. Helix will help you quickly create the modern experiences policy holders expect across all channels.

• Full featured • Quick to implement • Predictable costs • Fully managed •

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PolicyAdmin | Underwriting | Claims | Billing | Customer Engagement | Always-on cloud platform

Helix is a pre-packaged, new generation, cloud-based, full-featured digital insurance platform that can dramatically reduce your modernization and operations costs.

In one fully-managed, highly-configurable and multi-line system, you get the tools and technology needed for policy administration, rating, underwriting, claims, billing, and customer experience management.

Key Benefits:

  • Powerful enterprise-class Insurance platform

  • Quick deployment thanks to our pre-packaged solution and pre-built interfaces with your partners such as Equifax

  • Support all lines of business – today and tomorrow – from a single platform

  • Innovate and launch products in weeks, not months or years

  • Benefit from a true 360 view of your customers

  • Provide a seamless omni-channel experience

  • Delight your customers with rapid, accurate service

  • Achieve operational excellence with intelligent workflows and process visibility

  • Instill producer loyalty; make it easy to do business with you

  • Manage SLAs instead of IT

  • Regular platform upgrades

  • Predictable costs: Yearly subscription model based on DWP

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Transformation Roadmap Accelerator

Levio’s award-winning signature approach delivers benefits by focusing on three priorities:

  1. Clearly stated business objectives;

  2. Milestone-driven execution;

  3. Smooth landing in operations.

Our deep knowledge of the insurance industry coupled with our award-winning implementation approach will ensure you obtain quick and lasting benefits.

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Empower your customers.

Give all customers a complete omni-channel experience, including online and mobile, that is relevant, simple, and always accurate. Provide extensive self-service options that allow them to monitor every aspect of their account and receive finely tuned notifications, alerts, and special offers.

Empower your producers.

Make it a snap for agents, brokers, and other distributors to do business with you wherever business takes them. Give secure, consistent, up-to-the-minute access to contextually relevant information about customers at any given point, through any given channel.

Empower your staff and decision makers.

Improve customer experience across the board by giving everyone in your business ready access to customer information fully integrated with productivity tools. Empower workers with customized apps that keep them fully up to date while in the field. Enable decision makers to access rich dashboards from anywhere.