Levio acquires Menya Solutions

Through the acquisition of a company specialized in artificial intelligence, Levio will enhance once again its service offering.

Québec, July 10, 2019 – Levio, a business and IT consulting company, has acquired Menya Solutions, a company specialized in artificial intelligence that has firmly established itself in Canada for over ten years now.

Levio—which now has a team that comprises more than 620 advisors who are assigned across three offices in Canada, namely Québec, Montréal and Toronto—is specialized in guiding clients during the implementation of digital transformation programs and of other major projects. 

“This acquisition provides us with an attractive market positioning and allows us to enhance our service offering in order to better meet the needs of our clients. Combining Menya Solutions advisors’ cutting-edge expertise in artificial intelligence with Levio’s own expertise will strengthen Levio’s leading position in digital transformation. Levio Labs will greatly benefit from this additional knowledge as it will increase its ability to develop applied innovation and thus create even more value for our clients”, said François Dion, Levio’s president.

“This second acquisition within a month supports our growth plan and Levio now ranks among the top IT companies in the Province of Quebec. In the last five years, Levio has seen its workforce grow to over 600 employees. Levio is consolidating its status as a leading company in the IT sector and will continue to speed up its growth in North America”, reaffirmed Gilles Couturier, Levio’s COO. 

“Through this acquisition, we can see a real opportunity not only to join forces with a fast-growing company but also to extend our reach into previously untapped markets, such as the financial, insurance and public sectors where Levio is already operating. With our unique expertise in artificial intelligence, we are very proud to join the Levio family and to create new opportunities for our talented advisors who have shaped our reputation for leadership”, emphasized the president of Menya Solutions, Froduald Kabanza, Ph.D, expert in artificial intelligence. 

About Levio

Levio is a business and IT consulting company specialized in guiding clients during the implementation of digital transformation programs and of other major projects. For the last five years, Levio has built a solid reputation thanks to an outstanding team of advisors who deliver major solutions that capitalize on new technologies to help its clients gain greater efficiency and profitability. Levio’s team now comprises over 620 advisors located in our Québec, Montréal and Toronto offices. 

About Menya Solutions

For the last ten years, Menya Solutions has been developing artificial intelligence applications that support humans and machines in making decisions in complex situations, in order to improve the living and working conditions of people and to help public and private organizations optimize their processes. Throughout the years, Menya has worked with major Canadian public and private organizations while developing artificial intelligence solutions that have contributed to its renown. 

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Jacinthe Bellerive, Head of Communications

Levio Toronto's Managing Partner NOMINATED TO ITAC Ontario Board of Directors

On June 6, 2019, The Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC) nominated Levio Toronto's Managing Partner Neem Ba Ha to join its Ontario Board of Directors.

ITAC collaborates with private and public sectors to achieve a truly world-class, digital society that continues to deliver prosperity and competitiveness for Canada in the global market.

Mr. Ba Ha, "I am honoured and passionate to represent Levio, and to have the opportunity to be part of a team of innovative and purpose-driven organizations focused on improving lives of our citizens through technology."

During the first 2019 ITAC Board Meeting, Mr. Ba Ha was able to tell the story of Levio's humble beginnings and its rapid growth via a culture of purpose and delivering immediate value.

Mr. Ba Ha, "We are in a very fortunate position at Levio as our government and organizations such as ITAC are keenly focused on supporting scale-up tech companies such as ours."

With our membership in ITAC, Levio will move closer towards our mission of becoming a North American leader in helping businesses and governments transform to better serve their citizens, employees, and customers through a more human-centric approach — resulting in immediate results, uncovering new competitive advantages and maintaining long-term durability.

More information about ITAC: https://itac.ca/about-itac


Neem Ba Ha / Bio:

Neem Ba Ha is the Managing Partner at Levio Toronto, with an accomplished history of leading innovative and award-winning, digital products and platforms. Mr. Ba Ha's purpose is to utilize human-centered methodologies to help solve problems for businesses and governments to better serve its citizens, employees, and customers.

With over two decades of professional and executive experience, Mr. Ba Ha has led, executed and managed some of the largest, most complex and highly technical products for iconic brands such as McDonald’s, PepsiCo, TD Bank, Volkswagen, Disney, Rogers, Canadian Tire, NBA, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment and many others.

After graduating from Sheridan College of Art & Design and The Rotman School of Business (University of Toronto) Mr. Ba Ha has spent the majority of this career in numerous roles with Digital Ad Agencies, Tech Start-ups, and large corporations. Along the way, Mr. Ba Ha has been recognized with over 70 national and international awards for marketing, innovation and product design including Cannes Gold, Silver, Bronze Cyber Lions, CMA’s, Webbies, etc. Mr. Ba Ha is also a certified Design Thinking expert and has taught Product Design at the University level. Mr. Ba Ha is a design-technologist and evangelist for innovation and has been widely featured in mass media speaking about the humanization of technology and how technology can help transform organizations and improve lives.







LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/neembaha